ABBA chords

ABBA chords

Chiquitita chords

A, E, D, E7, A4, E4, C#m

Hasta Manana chords

C7, C, D7, Bb, Gm, Bbm, F

Mamma Mia chords

D, G, D5, D+, D6, D7, A, Bm, F#m

Super Trouper chords

C, C4, G, Dm, Dsus2, Csus2, Am, Asus2, Gsus2, Em, G6, F, G4, A7, G7sus4, G7

Take A Chance On Me chords

C, G, Dm, Am, F

The Name Of The Game chords

A4, Em, A5, Em7, A, A/C#, Bm, Cmaj7, Am7, C/D, G, C, D, D/C, B, C/G, F/C, F#m7, B7

The Winner Takes It All chords

D, F#7, Bm, B7/D#, Em, A, G, B7, E7/G#, Am, D/F#, Am/E, E/G#

Waterloo chords

C, D, G, F, Am, D7, G7

When All Is Said And Done chords

D, G, A
The chords of the most famous songs by ABBA