Aerosmith chords

Aerosmith chords

Amazing chords

Am, G/A, C7, F, Fm/Ab, C/G, Am/F#, C, Em, G, G7, D7, C/B, A, E

Dream On chords

Em, Em7, Em6, Am6, B7, B7sus4, Cmaj7, C#7, D, C, Em/C#, B(b9), B, Am, B5, F#5, G, A

Love In An Elevator chords

D, Em, D/F#, G, C, A, A/C#, E, B, Bb

Rag Doll chords

E, B, F#, D, A, G, F#5, G#5, A5, D5

Same Old Song And Dance chords

E7, Em7, G7, A5, C5, D5, G5, F5, B, B5, C#5, D#5, E5

Sweet Emotion chords

A, D, C, G

The Other Side chords

Em, C, A, D, G

What It Takes chords

G, D4, Em7, D, C, Em, Bb, F, A, Dm, Dm/C, Dm/B, Db, Fm, Eb, Ab, E7
The chords of the most famous songs by Aerosmith