Alabama chords

Angels Among Us chords

G, D/F#, C4/E, Csus2, Gadd9, Em7, C, Em, Cadd9, D, Gsus2/B, Am7, C/D, G/B, Bm7, Csus2/E

Born Country chords

D, G, A, Bm

Dixieland Delight chords

G, D, Em, C, Cm, Eb, F, A, E, F#m, Dm

Down Home chords

G, D, C, Em, A

Feels So Right chords

C, F, Am, Dm, G7, Em, F#m, G, A, D, Bm

Give Me One More Shot chords

G, Am7, D, Dsus2, C, Dm7, C9, A, A7, F

Here We Are chords

E, A, B7, Asus2, B, C#m, F#

Hometown Honeymoon chords

B, E, F#7, C#, F#, G#m, D#m7, G#

Love In The First Degree chords

G, C, Am, D

The Cheap Seats chords

C, F, Am, G, Bb
The chords of the most famous songs by Alabama