Alec Benjamin chords

The chords of the most famous songs by Alec Benjamin

Our Love Is Like A Burning Garden chords

Em, D, Am, C, Bm, G

Mind Is A Prison chords

F, Dm, Am, C

End Of The Summer chords

Em, G, C, Am, D

Journey To The Lowest Place On Earth chords

Am, G, F, C, Dm, Em, A4, A7

Just Like You chords

Dm7, C, Am, G

The Way You Felt chords

F, Am, G, C

Outrunning Karma chords

Bm, F#m, Em, G, F#, A

America chords

Em, Cadd9, D, Am, G, C

Love Is Such A Fragile Dance chords

A, F#m, D, E

The Colonels Journal chords

A, E, F#m, Em, D, Dm

Worst Day Of My Life chords

Am, F, Dm, Em

Annabelles Homework chords

G, D/F#, Em, C, Bm, D

Jesus In La chords

Dm7, C, G, Am7, Am, Dm, G/B, F

Steve chords

G, C, D, Em

Match In The Rain chords

Am7, G, Dm, E7

Miss Her The Most chords

Em, G, Cmaj7, D, C, Am

Im Not A Cynic chords

Bbm, Ab, Ebm, Gb, Db

My Old Bicycle chords

F#m, E, D, A

At The Bottom chords

F, G, Am, C

18 chords

Am, G/B, C, Fmaj7, G6, Am7, G, F, Em

Anesthesia chords

C, F, Am, G