Bad English chords

Best Of What I Got chords

Dm, Bb, Gm, F, Bb/Ab, C, Bb7, Ab

Possession chords

Aadd9, C#m9, G, Bm, Bsus2, Bsus4, Em, F#sus4, F#, C#m, F#m9, B, B6, F#m, A, A6, G#m, E

Price Of Love chords

Am, G, F, C, Dm, A, D, Bm, Em

When I See You Smile chords

Gsus2, G, C, Am, D, G/B, Cadd9, Em, D/F#, Bm, E, A, Asus2, D6sus2
The chords of the most famous songs by Bad English