Ben E. King chords

Amour chords

Bb, Gm7, Cm, F, C, Am, D, A, Dm, Eb, G, Bbm

Country Roads chords

G, Em, D, C, F, D7, A, E, F#m, E7

Dance With Me chords

F, Dm, Bb, C, C7, G7

Don't Play That Song You Lied chords

D, Bm, G, A

Ecstasy chords

G, D, C, Cm, Am, Ab, F

First Taste Of Love chords

F, C, Gm7, Bb, Fm, A, Dm, Eb, Cm, Am7

Here Comes The Night chords

G, D, C, Am7, E

How Can I Forget chords

G, C, Am7, Dm7, F, Em, D, Ab, Bbm, Am

I Could Have Danced All Night chords

B, C, G, Dm, Bb, F, E, D, Am7, Bm, Fm

I Who Have Nothing chords

Dm, C, F, A, Bb, A#

Its All Over chords

Ebm, Bbm, Bb, Db, Gb, A, B, Ab, Gbm, Cm, Abm, Abm7, F, Fm, Eb

Let The Water Run Down chords

G, G7, D, D7, Em, Bm, C, A

Spanish Harlem chords

D, A, G

Stand By Me chords

G, Em, C, D

Thats When It Hurts chords

E, A, B, Em7, D, Ebm, Gb, Em, Dbm

This Magic Moment chords

C, Am, F, G

Til I Cant Take It Anymore chords

Gm, F, Dm, G, Bb, Cm, Bb7, Eb, Ab, C, Bbm

Too Bad chords

D, G, A, Dm, C, Gbm, Bm, E

What Is Soul chords

F, E, A, D, G, C, Bb, Eb, Dm

What Now My Love chords

Db, Gb, B, Abm, Db7, Gb7, Bbm, Ebm, D, E, A, Gbm

Young Boy Blues chords

C, E, Am7, F, Dm, G, C7, Am, Gb, G7
The chords of the most famous songs by Ben E. King