Billie Eilish chords

Billie Eilish chords

True Blue chords

C, Em, D, Am

Watch chords

C, F, Am, G, Em, Dm

When I Was Older chords

Am, E7, Fmaj7

When The Partys Over chords

F, Am, C, Dm, G, F#dim

Wish You Were Gay chords

Am, D7, G, Em

Xanny chords

A, E, Bm, Dm, F#m, F+, A/E, B7/D#, E7, D#m7b5, Amaj7, D/A, D, C#7

Yesterday chords

Dm7, G7, Bb, F, Em7, A7, Dm, Dm/C, C7, F4, F/E, Gm, C, F7

You Don't Get Me High Anymore chords

Gm, F, D#, Dm, Cm, A, A#

You Should See Me In A Crown chords

Em, G, E5, G5

Your Power chords

Fmaj7, Am, Em, G
The chords of the most famous songs by Billie Eilish