Bob Dylan chords

Bob Dylan chords

10000 Men chords

E, A, D/A

1913 Massacre chords

G, D, C

2 X 2 chords

C, Bb, Dm, F

4Th Time Around chords

E, A, G#m, F#m, E4

900 Miles From My Home chords

F, Bb, C

A Change Is Gonna Come chords

G7, C, Dm, Am, F, E7, C4, D7, Gadd11

A Hard Rains A-Gonna Fall chords

D, G/D, A, A/D, G

A Satisfied Mind chords

A, A4, D, A7

A Thousand Miles Behind chords

F, A#, C, G#, C#

Abandoned Love chords

F, Bb, C, Dm, Gm, Am

Abraham Martin And John chords

C, Em, F, C/E, G4, G, C/D, F/G

Absolutely Sweet Marie chords

D, G, A7, Bm, F#m, Bb

Aint Gonna Go To Hell For Anybody chords

G, D, C, D/G, Am, Bm, C/D, D7sus4/G, D/F#, Em, Bm7, G/B, D7

Aint No Man Righteous No Not One chords

A/E, D/E, A, A/G, D/F#, F6, E9, D7, B7, E, E7, D, A7

Aint No More Cane chords

G, C, Em, A, D, Am

Aint Talkin chords

Em, Am7, Em7, Em6, B4, Dsus2, Bm, E

Alberta chords

Em, D, G, C/G, C, F#

All Along The Watchtower chords

C#m, B, A

All I Really Want To Do chords

C, G/B, D7, G, G/D, D9, C/G, C/B

All My Tomorrows chords

E, E6, A, D, D4, C, Am, Cm6/Eb, G, Bm, Ddim, Cm6, G6, E7, Am7, D7

All Over You chords

A, D, G, B7, Em, D7, C, E
The chords of the most famous songs by Bob Dylan