Coldplay chords

Coldplay chords

Up And Up chords

G, D, Em, C, F

Up In Flames chords

D, D/B, A4, G, A

Up With The Birds chords

D, Dsus2, Em7, A, Aadd11, G/A, A7, A7sus4, Em11/A, Em, G

Us Against The World chords

A, A4, E, E4, D, D/C#

Viva La Vida chords

C, D, G, Em, Bm

Warning Sign chords

C, F, G, D, Em, D/F#, Dm/F

We All Fall In Love Sometimes chords

Em, Em7, Em6, Cmaj7/E, B7, Am/F#, B7sus4, C, E, F#m7, E/G#, A, C#, F#m, B/D#, A/F#, G#7, G#7/C, F#7/A#

We Never Change chords

F#m, E, Bm, A, C#m, D, B

Wedding Bells chords

Em, Am, C, G, D, D/F#, D4

What If chords

Em, G, Am, Am7, D, C, D7, F

When I Need A Friend chords

Db, Gb, Fm, Ab, Ebm

Where Is My Boy chords

Am, G, F

White Shadows chords

Em, Bm, G, Am, C, D

Wotw - Potp chords

G, C, D, Em

X And Y chords

Em, F, Am, G, D, D7/F#, C, Bb

X Marks The Spot chords

F, Dm, Am, C

Yellow chords

G, D, C, Em, Cmaj7, Dm7

Yes chords

E, Em, A4, A, Am, G, B4, E7, B, C, D

You Only Live Twice chords

B4, Em/B, E/B, Asus2/F#, E, Em, F#, Adim, G
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