Eagles chords

A Good Day In Hell chords

A, G, D7, D

After The Thrill Is Gone chords

G, C, Am, D, C/B, G/F#, Em, Bm, Cm, C/D

All Night Long chords

E, A, D, F#, B7, E7

Already Gone chords

G, D, C, C/E, C/F, C/F#, F

Amazing Grace On Solid Ground chords

D, G, A7, Em

Best Of My Love chords

C, Dm, Em, F/G, G7, Cmaj7/G, Fm7, G

Bitter Creek chords

Dm, Dm7, G, A, Bm, E, E7, D5, F, C, C9, Bb, Am11, F6, Am

Business As Usual chords

E, Am, B7/A, E7sus4/A, A5, E7sus4/B, Dm, F, Dm7, Dm6, Am7, Am6, Em7, B7, Bb

Center Of The Universe chords

Gm6, Dsus2/F#, Dsus2/F, Bb, F, A7sus4, A7

Certain Kind Of Fool chords

D4, D, A4, A, E5, E, A/E, G, C, Bm, A7

Chug All Night chords

D, E, F, Em, D5, Em7, F6, F5, G5, A5, E7, C5, F#5, G#5, G, A, B5, D#5, E5

Desperado chords

G, G7, C, Cm, Em, A7, D7, D, Bm, Am, B7

Do Something chords

A, D, Bm, E, A7, C#

Doolin-Dalton chords

G, G/F#, Em, G7, C, A, D/F#, B7, A7, Bm, C/B, Am, G/B, D, Am7, D9, E

Doolin-Dalton Desperado Reprise chords

Em, C, C/B, Am, G, G7, D, Bm, A, Bm7, Em7, D/F#, A7, Am7, C/G

Earlybird chords

Bm, Bb, C, G, Cm, Dm

Forgiveness chords

D, Dsus2, D4, A7, G, Bm, C, B/C, A

Frail Grasp On The Big Picture chords

Bm, E, G, A

Get Over It chords

D, G, A, F, C

Good Day In Hell chords

B, A, E, C, Bb, F

Greeks Don't Want No Freaks chords

A, G, D, E
The chords of the most famous songs by Eagles