Elvis Presley chords

Elvis Presley chords

The chords of the most famous songs by Elvis Presley

Welcome To My World chords

A, D, E

Western Union chords

A, D, E, F#m, E7

What A Wonderful Life chords

G, D, G7, C, Cm, F#, Bm

What Every Woman Lives For chords

F, C, G, Am, G7, D7, D, Em

What'd I Say chords

E, E7, A7, B7, A

Your Cheatin Heart chords

D, D7, A, G, E, Db, Bm

Your Loves Been A Long Time Coming chords

B, E, Gbm, Db, B7, Abm, A, Dbm, Gb

Your Time Hasnt Come Yet Baby chords

E, A, B, F#, B7

Youre A Heartbreaker chords

D, G, A

Youre So Square Baby I Don't Care chords

C, F, C7, F7, G7, F#dim7

Youre The Boss chords

Dm, G, A, Bb, D

Were Gonna Move chords

E, A, A/B

You're The Devil In Disguise chords

Bb, C, F, Dm

Youve Lost That Lovin Feelin chords

D, A, C/D, Em7, Gbm, G, C, Am7, Am