Nirvana chords

Nirvana chords

Territorial Pissings chords

A, F, D

The Man Who Sold The World chords

F, Dm, A, C, C#

The Money Will Roll Right In chords

E, F, G, F#

The Other Improv chords

D5, E, C, B, D, Bb, C#, D#, G

They Hung Him On A Cross chords

E, B, A

Tiny Goddess chords

F, E, Dm, C, Bb, Am, F7, Fdim, Gm, C7, Gm7, C/G, Csus2

Token Eastern Song chords

E, F, Bb, E5, G5, F#5, F4, G#

Tourettes chords

F#, A#, B, G

Turnaround chords

E, D, D5, C5, A5, G5, F5

Verse Chorus Verse chords

B, G, F#, E, D, A, C, G#5, D#5, B5, D5, F#5, G5, D/F#, Em7

Very Ape chords

G, A, Bb, G5, F5, C, B, A5, Bb5, C5, Eb5

Where Did You Sleep Last Night chords

E, A, G, B

White Lace And Strange chords

E, G#, A, Bb, B, D, D5, E5, B5, G

You Know Youre Right chords

Em, C, D, E
The chords of the most famous songs by Nirvana