Pink Floyd chords

Pink Floyd chords

What Do You Want From Me chords

Em, C, Am, F#m, G#m, A, B, C#m, G#

What Shall We Do Now chords

F#5, E5, G5, B5

When The Tigers Broke Free chords

C, G, F

Wish You Were Here chords

Em7, G, A7sus4, C, D/F#, Am/E, Am

Wots Uh The Deal chords

G, Gmaj7, G7, G6, G+, D7, D9, C, Am7, D9/G

Yet Another Movie chords

Dm, C, Gm

Young Lust chords

Em, G, Am

Your Possible Pasts chords

G, Am, C, D, Em, Cmaj9

Youve Got To Be Crazy chords

Em9, C4, B9sus4, Bb9, D, Em, C, G, F, D/C, Em/B, B, F#m, B/G, B/F#
The chords of the most famous songs by Pink Floyd