Radiohead chords

Radiohead chords

I Promise chords

E, E4, E6, B, B7

I Want None Of This chords

Dm, Dsus2, D4, Bbmaj7, Bb6, Gm, Gmadd9, A, Dm/A, Gdim, G, F, F4, Bb, DmM7

I Will chords

G#, C#m, A, F#m, E, F#

Identikit chords

F#m, E, Dmaj7, C#5, B, B/A, B/G, B/F#, B/E

Idioteque chords

Em, Em7, G, Gmaj7, Cadd9, C

Idiotique chords

Gm6, Ebmaj9, Gm, Gsus2

If You Say The Word chords

Cm, Cm/Bb, Abmaj7, Gm, Fm, Bb, Ab

Ill Wind chords

Am, Dm/A, G/A, Dm, Dm/C, Em, A, Bb/A

In Limbo chords

Dm7, Am7, Em7, G, F6, Cm, Bb, Eb, C, Em

India Rubber chords

A, Bm, E, F#m, C, D

Innocent Civilian chords

G#m, C#m, F#, B, F#m, G#

Inside My Head chords

Em, C, A, Emadd9

Jigsaw Falling Into Place chords

Bm, Bbm, Dmaj7, D6, Gmaj7, F#, G, F#m, Em, A

Just chords

C, Eb, D, F, Am, Ab, Bb, G, Gb, E, A6

Karma Police chords

Am, D/F#, Em, G, F, D, G/F#, C, C/B, Bm, F#7, E7

Killer Cars chords

G, G/F#, Cadd9, D/F#, Am, G/B, D, Cm

Kinetic chords

Fm, Db, Cm, Fm7, Fm6

Knives Out chords

Cm, Bb, Ab, Gm, Dm, F, E6, E7, Em6, Em7, Am, A7, D7

Last Flowers chords

Fm, Gm, Am, C, Em, Dm, Dm/B, A4, G6, F, A

Leave Your Comments And Reactions Here chords

C, C4, Bb, Am, G, Dm, G7, Em, G4

Let Down chords

A, E, F#m, D, Dsus2, D/F#, A4
The chords of the most famous songs by Radiohead