Shawn Mendes chords

Life Of The Party chords

Gm, Eb, Bb, Cm

Lights On chords

G, C, D, Em

Like This chords

Em, C, G, Cadd9, D, B7, Am

Like To Be You chords

Bm, Aadd11, D, G, B, A

Look Up At The Stars chords

D, A, Bm, G, Em, F#m, G#m, Fmaj7, Em7

Lost chords

C, G, Am, F

Lost In Japan chords

Gmaj7, Am7, Bm/E, G, Am, Em, C, C/B

Love Me Or Leave Me chords

A, F#m, D, Bm

Memories chords

D, Dmaj7, Em, G, A, F#, Bm, Gm

Mercy chords

Em, G, Bm, A, Bm7, D

Monster chords

Bm, A, Em, G

Mutual chords

Bm, G, A, D, F#m, Em

Nervous chords

G, F

Never Be Alone chords

Em, C, G, G/F#, D, B7

Never Be Alone Hey There Delilah chords

Em, C, G, D, B7, Bm

Never Let Me Go chords

F#m, A, E, D, Bm, C

No Promises chords

Bm, Em, D, G, A

One Of Those Nights chords

Am, F, C, G, E, Dm

Particular Taste chords

E, D

Patience chords

C, F, Am, G

Perfectly Wrong chords

F, G, Am, Em, C
The chords of the most famous songs by Shawn Mendes