The Beatles chords

The Beatles chords

Yesterday chords

C, Bm7, E7, Am, G, F, C/B, D7, Bm, Dm6, G7, Dm

You Cant Do That chords

G7, C7, D7, B7, Em, Am, Bm, D

You Know My Name chords

G/D, A, D, F#m, G, Bb+, Bm, E7, Em, A7, F#+, F#, Em7, A13, D/F#, G#dim7, D6, A7sus4, Gmaj9, E9, D13, E, B

You Know What To Do chords

D, D/C#, D/B, A, E, Bm, BmM7

You Like Me Too Much chords

G, Bb, D7, Am, C, Bm, Em7, A7, A, D

You Never Give Me Your Money chords

Am7, Dm7, G, C, Fmaj7, Dm6, E, Am, E7, C7, F, Bb, D7, Eb, G7, A7, F#, Eb7, A, G#, B7, Cmaj7

You Really Got A Hold On Me chords

A, F#m, A7, D, B7, E7

You Wont See Me chords

D, A, B7, A7, Dm, D6, Dm6, E7sus4, E7

Youll Be Mine chords

A, D7, E7, C#m, F#m, A7, B7

Young Blood chords

A, D, E, G#, G

Your Mother Should Know chords

Am, Fmaj7, A7, Dm, G7, C, C/B, D7, E7, E, Dm/F, Dm/G

Youre Going To Lose That Girl chords

B7, E, C#m, F#m, G#m, G, C, F, E7, D, A, Em, A7, Bm, Bb, Eb, D7

Youve Got To Hide Your Love Away chords

G, D4, Fadd9, C/E, C, D, D/C, D/B, D/A, Dsus2, G/D
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