Adele chords

Adele chords

Love In The Dark chords

Am, C, Em, F, Cmaj7, Em7, Fadd9, G7, Am/D

Lovesong chords

Am, G, Fmaj7, E7, Dm

Make You Feel My Love chords

G, D, F, C, Cm, A7, D7, B7

Many Shades Of Black chords

Gm, Am, Bb, C, F, G, A, Dm, E, Eb, Cm, D

Melt My Heart To Stone chords

Dm, G, C, Am, C7, F, E, E7, Dm7, A, Gmaj7, E4

Million Years Ago chords

Bm, A, G, F#m, Em, D, F#, B7

My Same chords

Em, Bm

Never Gonna Leave You chords

C, G4, Am, F, G

Now And Then chords

Am, C

One And Only chords

F, F4, C, Cadd9, Dm7, Gm, Dm, Bb, Eb, Am

Promise This chords

F, C, G, Am9, Am, D, Fadd9

Remedy chords

Em, D, A, G, Bm

Right As Rain chords

Em7, Dmaj7, A, D7, D, B, Bm

River Lea chords

B, C#, D#m, G#

Rolling In The Deep chords

Am, Em, G, F, E7+, E7

Rumour Has It chords

Dm, Am, C, G, Gm, D

Set Fire To The Rain chords

Am, C, G, Dm, F, Am/B, G/A, C/E, Em

Skyfall chords

Am, F, D, Dm, Asus2/C, E, Am/G, F/E, D/C, Bm7b5, E4, Dm7/A, E4/B, Bb7b5, E/C, E5/A

Someone Like You chords

G, Bm/F#, Em, C, D6, D, Am, D/F#

Sweetest Devotion chords

G, F, C, Em
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