Adele chords

Adele chords

Take It All chords

C, Em/B, Am, Am7/G, D/F#, C/E, D, Cadd9, F, G, G#dim, Dm, Fmaj7, Bb, E

Thats It I Quit Im Movin On chords

C, F, G, Am

Tired chords

C, G, Am, Em, F

Turning Tables chords

Bm7, G, Emadd9, Em, Em7, A, D, D/F#

Water Under The Bridge chords

G, Em, Bm, A, D/F#, D

When We Were Young chords

Am, Em, F, C/E, Dm, C, C/B, G4, G, Fm, G/Ab, C/G

Why Do You Love Me chords

D, A, G, Bm

Youll Never See Me Again chords

Dm, C, Am, Bb, Gm, G, A7
The chords of the most famous songs by Adele