Adele chords

Adele chords

The chords of the most famous songs by Adele

Cold Shoulder chords

Am, Em, C, G, E, B7, Ab

River Lea chords

B, C#, D#m, G#

Rolling In The Deep chords

Am, Em, G, F, E7+, E7

Someone Like You chords

G, Bm/F#, Em, C, D6, D, Am, D/F#

Skyfall chords

Am, F, D, Dm, Asus2/C, E, Am/G, F/E, D/C, Bm7b5, Esus, Dm7/A, Esus/B, Bb7b5, E/C, E5/A

Set Fire To The Rain chords

Am, C, G, Dm, F, Am/B, G/A, C/E, Em

Take It All chords

C, Em/B, Am, Am7/G, D/F#, C/E, D, Cadd9, F, G, G#dim, Dm, Fmaj7, Bb, E