Elvis Presley chords

Elvis Presley chords

A Boy Like Me A Girl Like You chords

Ab, B, Bb, A, Fm, Bbm, Edim, Bbm7, Gb, Eb7, Ab+, C7, C7/E, E7, Adim, Bm7, Fdim, G, A+, Gbm, Bbdim, C

A Dogs Life chords

G7, D, B7, E7, A7, G, D7, C#, C

A Fool Such As I chords

D, F#7, G, A, E, A7

A Little Bit Of Green chords

Bm, E, A, F, Bb, Cm, Fm, G7, Ebm, Bb/F, Eb, Edim7, F7b9, E7

A Little Less Conversation chords

A7, D7, A, C, D, G, E, E7

A Mess Of Blues chords

C, F, G7, C7, D

A Thing Called Love chords

G, C, Bb, F, D, Dm, G7, Em, Am, A7, C7, A

A World Of Our Own chords

E7, A7, D, Gmaj7, Cmaj7, Cm, Am7, D7, G, Gm, Bm, Eb

Adam And Evil chords

Dm, A, C, F, Gm

After Loving You chords

D, A, G, F, E

Aint That Loving You Baby chords

E, A, B7

All Shook Up chords

A, D, E

Almost chords

G, F#, Cmaj7, C6, Am7, Ebdim, Em, D4, D7, G/B, Bbdim, Am, AmM7, Gmaj7, G6, G+, Bm7b5, E7, Edim, Bm7, Eb

Aloha Oe chords

G, C, D7

Always On My Mind chords

G, D/F#, Em, D, C, A, A/B, G/B, Am7, D/E, G/A, Am, Em/D, A7, C/B

Amazing Grace chords

Am7, G7, F, C, C7, Am, G

America The Beautiful chords

Bb, F, F7, C, Eb, C7, Cm, G, Dm, Ab

An American Trilogy chords

C, C/E, F, F#dim, Am, G, C4, D, E7, Dm, Gm, C7

And I Love You So chords

Ab, Bbm7, Eb, Fm, Db, Bb

Angel chords

C, Am, Dm, G7, F, Em, C7, D7
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