Elvis Presley chords

Elvis Presley chords

Love Me Tender chords

D, E7, A7, F#7, Bm, D7, G, Gm, B7

Cant Help Falling In Love chords

C, G, Am, Em, F, B7, A7, Dm

Got A Lot Of Livin To Do chords

F, C, Bb

Sweet Caroline chords

B, E, F#, G#m

I Need You So chords

F, F#dim7, C7, Bb, Bbm, G7, Gm7, Bb7, D7, F7

The Fool chords

G, C7, D7, D, Am7

Bitter They Are Harder They Fall chords

A, D/A, E6, F#dim7, E7/G#, Bm, A/C#, D, E/G#, F#m, E, E7, D/C#, D/B, G, A7, B, B7, D4, D/F#

My Little Friend chords

C, D, A

Don't Leave Me Now chords

C, F, G, C#dim7, G/D, F7, D7, G7

Spring Fever chords

G, Em, D, Bm, A, C

Ready Teddy chords

C, F, G7, F7

Return To Sender chords

D, Bm, Em, A7, G, D7, E7

Little Mama chords

A, D7, D, E

Little Sister chords

E, A, B, C

The Getto chords

A, A4, C#m, D, E, Bm

Bringing It Back chords

G, C/G, Bm, C, Am, A7, D, D7, Am7, A7/C#, G/B, D7sus4/G, G7, C/B, C/A

Run On chords

F, Fm, C, Bb, G, E

Ill Hold You In My Heart Till I Can Hold You In My Arms chords

G, C, G/D, D, D7, Am7, G/B, Em, A7, G7

Danny Boy chords

C, Cmaj7, C7, F, Fm, Am, D7, G, Dm, G/B, D, C/E, Em/B, Am/G, D/F#, B/G, G#

Im Not The Marrying Kind chords

D, A7, G, E7
The chords of the most famous songs by Elvis Presley