Elvis Presley chords

Elvis Presley chords

The chords of the most famous songs by Elvis Presley

Love Me Tender chords

D, E7, A7, F#7, Bm, D7, G, Gm, B7

Cant Help Falling In Love chords

C, G, Am, Em, F, B7, A7, Dm, D, F#m, Bm, A, C#7

Sweet Caroline chords

B, E, F#, G#m

I Need You So chords

F, F#dim7, C7, Bb, Bbm, G7, Gm7, Bb7, D7, F7

The Fool chords

G, C7, D7, D, Am7

My Little Friend chords

C, D, A

Don't Leave Me Now chords

C, F, G, C#dim7, G/D, F7, D7, G7

Bitter They Are Harder They Fall chords

A, D/A, E6, F#dim7, E7/G#, Bm, A/C#, D, E/G#, F#m, E, E7, D/C#, D/B, G, A7, B, B7, D4, D/F#

Ready Teddy chords

C, F, G7, F7

Return To Sender chords

D, Bm, Em, A7, G, D7, E7, C, Am, Dm, G7, F, C7

Spring Fever chords

G, Em, D, Bm, A, C

Little Mama chords

A, D7, D, E

Little Sister chords

E, A, B, C

Bringing It Back chords

G, C/G, Bm, C, Am, A7, D, D7, Am7, A7/C#, G/B, D7sus4/G, G7, C/B, C/A

Run On chords

F, Fm, C, Bb, G, E

The Getto chords

A, A4, C#m, E, D, Bm

Ill Hold You In My Heart Till I Can Hold You In My Arms chords

G, C, G/D, D, D7, Am7, G/B, Em, A7, G7

Danny Boy chords

C, Cmaj7, C7, F, Fm, Am, D7, G, Dm, G/B, D, C/E, Em/B, Am/G, D/F#, B/G, G#

Im Not The Marrying Kind chords

D, A7, G, E7