The Animals chords

The Animals chords

How Youve Changed chords

A, D, G, E

I Aint Got You chords

E7, A7, B7

Im Crying chords

E, D, G

Im Gonna Change The World chords

G, C, Gm7, F, Cm7, Gm, C7, D7

Im In Love Again chords

E, A, D

Immigrant Lad chords

Am, C, G

Its All Over Now Baby Blue chords

D, A, G, Em, F#

Its My Life chords

Dm, G, C, Bb, D, F

Ive Been Around chords

G, D, C, B, Cm

Let The Good Times Roll chords

G, D, C, A

Many Rivers To Cross chords

Eb, Ab, G, Adim, Bb, Eb/D, Eb/Db, Cm, Cm/Bb

Memphis Tennessee chords

E5, B5

Monterey chords

Am, Bm, G, F, E

Mr Tambourine Man chords

G, A, D, Em

One Monkey Don't Stop No Show chords

C7, F, G7, F7, C

Outcast chords

D, A, F#m

Roadrunner chords

F, Bb, C, B

Roberta chords

C, Bb, G, F, C7, F7, G7

San Franciscan Nights chords

C, Em, Am, G, D, F, Dm, Fm

See See Rider chords

G, C, F

She Said Yeah chords

C, G7, F7, C7, F, D7, G
The chords of the most famous songs by The Animals