The Animals chords

The Animals chords

Squeeze Her Tease Her chords

C, F, Am, G7, G, D7, C7

Take It Easy Baby chords

E7, B7, A7, E

Talkin Bout You chords

F, C, Bb, Bdim7, G7, C7, Dm

The Girl Cant Help It chords

C, F, G

The Night chords

Am, G, F, C, D, E4, E, Em, G4

The Right Time chords

C, F, G

To Love Somebody chords

D, Em, G, C, A, G7, A5, B5, C#5, D5, E5

Weve Gotta Get Out Of This Place chords

Bb, B, C, C7, C6, F, G, Dm, Eb

What Am I Living For chords

G, D, C, D#, A

When I Was Young chords

Em, D, G, Gm, F, Bb

White Houses chords

A, G, D, E

Worried Life Blues chords

G, A, Am, D

Youre On My Mind chords

C, Am, F, G, Dm, G7, E, E7, Ab
The chords of the most famous songs by The Animals