Adele chords

Adele chords

All I Ask chords

C, Em, F, G, E, E/G#, Am, C/G, Dm, Dm7/G, A7, A7/C#, F/G, G7, G/B, C/E, Dm7, C/Bb, G/F, E/B, Ab7sus4, Db, Bb7, Bb/D, Ebm, Gb/Ab, Ab7, Ab7/C, Ab/C, Bbm7, Db/F

Best For Last chords

G, Am, Em, C

Cant Let Go chords

C, Am/C, Am, F, Em, Em/G

Chasing Pavements chords

C, Em, G, F, Am

Cold Shoulder chords

Am, Em, C, G, E, B7, Ab

Crazy For You chords

G, Em, C, D

Daydreamer chords

A, D, D7, A/Ab, E

Don't You Remember chords

D4, D, G, Bm, D/F#, A, F#, Dmaj7, Em, A4, F#m6, Bb, F/C, C, Dm, E, G#m6, F#m, B4, B

Easy on me chords

C, Am7, Em, Fmaj7, G

Fast Love chords

C, Am, Em, Dm, F, G

First Love chords

F, Cmaj7, Em, Am

He Wont Go chords

Bm, F#m, Em, G, A, D, F#

Hello chords

Em, G, D, C, Bm

Hiding My Heart chords

C, Fmaj7, Am, G/B, F, G, G6, Dm, Asus2

Hometown Glory chords

Am, C/G, Em, F

I drink wine chords

G, D/F#, Em, Am, D, B7

I Found A Boy chords

A, E, F#m, D, B7, C#, Bm, F, Dm6

I Miss You chords

Em, D, A4, C, Bm, G

If It Hadnt Been For Love chords

Am, F, E, C, G, Dm

Ill Be Waiting chords

A, G, D, E

Lay Me Down chords

Bm, A, G, F#m, Dsus2, E, F#, Em, D
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