Jeff Buckley chords

The chords of the most famous songs by Jeff Buckley

Last Goodbye chords

D4/D, Bm, A, Em, G, D, Dm, Gm7, A7, D4, Dmaj7, D7, Dmaj7/D, C

The Other Woman chords

B, G#m, C#m, F#, C#m7

Satisfied Mind chords

D, E, A

Morning Theft chords

F5, F4, F, Ab, Dbmaj7, Bb/D, Ebmaj7(+9), F/G, F/A, Bb, Ab(b5), Dm, Am, Gm, C

Kanga-Roo chords

D, G, Gm, Em, A7

Dinks Song chords

E, E4, C#m, A, B, B4

Boy With The Thorn In His Side chords

D, Am7, C, G, Am, Cmaj7, D4

I Want Someone Badly chords

F#, G, G#, C#

Hallelujah chords

C, Am, F, G, E7

I Know Its Over chords

G, Em, C, D, Bm

Grace chords

Fm, Gm, Em, D, Fsus2, Eb, F#m6, G6, A6, Bm, Eb6, F6, F#6, E6

We All Fall In Love Sometimes chords

Gm, Cm, D, Gm7, Eb, D7, G, Am, C, E, B

Je N En Connais Pas La Fin chords

Dm, A, Gm, D, A7, D7, G

Everybody Here Wants You chords

Fmaj7, C, G, Bb, F

Vancouver chords

Em, C, D, Cmaj7, G, Gmaj7, F#m, Am, Bm, Dm, A, A#, F, Gm, E

Lets Bomb The Moonlight chords

Em7, Gmaj7, Em, Am, G, D/F#, Bm, C, D/A, Ab5, Bm/F#, D

So Real chords

Edim, Em, Bm/D, F#m/A, G, C5, B5/G, C6, D9, D5, A7sus2, C#m7b5, G6, Bm9, Bm7, Gm6, D

Lilac Wine chords

Em, C, B7, Am, Ddim, A, E, E7, Bm, F#m7

I Shall Be Released chords

A, Bm, C#m, E7, C, Dm, Em

Mama Youve Been On My Mind chords

C, E7, Am, D7/F#, E, Fmaj7, C/G, G

Calling You chords

C, F, E7, B7, Bm7b5, E/D, C#m7b5, F#+, D#m7b5, G#+, Amaj7