Oasis chords

Oasis chords

Thank You For The Good Times chords

D, D4, G, Em7, B

Helter Skelter chords

D7, D6, A#7/D, F, D, D5/A, G, D5, D7sus4

I Will Show You chords

Dm, Bb, F, C

Must Be The Music chords

F#, E

She Is Love chords

G, Am7, Fmaj7, C

Stop The Clocks chords

A, A/F#, A/G, F, G, E, A/G#, D

To Be Where Theres Life chords

D5, D5/A

Stand By Me chords

G, B7, C, C/B, D, D4, G/F#, Em, A7, Am, F

Don't Stop chords

G6, Dsus2, A4, G, E

Fade In-Out chords

D, Dsus2, D4, A7sus4, G/B, Csus2, C, G5

The Shock Of The Lightning chords

Am, F, G, A, F#m, D

To Be Someone chords

D, G, G/F#, Em7, A, C

Supersonic chords

F#m, A, B7, E, C#7, D

I Got The Fever chords

Gm, C, F, Dm, D, G, Cadd9, Bm, G/B

Some Might Say chords

D5, Bsus2, G, D, A, Bm, Em, C9, F, F#m, Cadd9

Shes Electric chords

E, G#, C#m, A, C, D, Amaj7, E7, F#m7add11, B

Bring It On Down chords

Bm, Bm/A, D, E, A, Dsus2, G, Em

Angel Child chords

Am, Em, Dsus2, C4, C, G, D, G6, E7

Sitting Here In Silence On My Own chords

C, D, G, G7, Bm, Em, F#m

Can Ysee It Now chords

E5, A5/E, B7/E

The Importance Of Being Idle chords

Am, E, Fmaj7, C, B11, Dm, F7, G
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