Oasis chords

Oasis chords

Cigarettes And Alcohol chords

E, F#, A, D

Cloudburst chords

E, A, C#m, G#m, D

Colour My Life chords

Esus2, D, B, C, Em

Columbia chords

A, D, C

Cum On Feel The Noize chords

C, G, Am, F, E7, D

Digsys Dinner chords

G, B7, C, D, Cadd9, C9, Em, Am7

Don't Go Away chords

Am7, G4, Fadd9, D7sus4, C, C/B, Am, G, Fmaj7, Fm

Don't Look Back In Anger chords

C, F, G, Am, E7, Fm, E7/G#

Don't Stop chords

G6, Dsus2, A4, G, E

Dyer Wanna Be A Spaceman chords

G, A7, C, Em, B7, Am, Fmaj7, D

Dyou Know What I Mean chords

Em, G, Dsus2, A4, Cadd9, Em7, E4, E, A, Cmaj7

Everybody Is On The Run chords

A, A7, G, D, D4, FM7sus2, Em7, C/G, D7, Am, Em, A4

Eyeball Tickler chords

A5, G, A7, A7/G, D5, A, F/A, F/G, C, G5, E

Fade Away chords

A, Amaj7, Dsus2, B7, E, G, D, Fmaj7, Asus2

Fade In-Out chords

D, Dsus2, D4, A7sus4, G/B, Csus2, C, G5

Falling Down chords

Em, G6, Cmaj7, Asus2, Dsus2

Flashbax chords

A, G, Bm, D, Bm7, F#11, G6, Asus2, E, B, F#

Fuckin In The Bushes chords

Em, G/E, Fm/E, F/E, A5, G, F

Gas Panic chords

C6, Gsus2, Am, C, D, E, E7, A, G

Get Off Your High Horse Lady chords

Dm7, C, G, Fmaj7

Go Let It Out chords

A, D, F, G, Cadd9, D4, Dadd11
The chords of the most famous songs by Oasis