Oasis chords

Oasis chords

Its A Crime chords

C/G, E/C, Am, Fmaj7, Bb9, E7/G#, G, D, Am/D, E7

Its Better People chords

D, A, Em, G, E

Its Gettin Better Man chords

A, B, G, E, D, Fm, Bm

Its Getting Better Man chords

A, A5, B5, G5, Em7, G, D, D4, F#m7, E, B4, Dsus2, D5, A6, A7, Csus2, G/B

Its Good To Be Free chords

Em, C/G, A7, Am7, Em7, G, Asus2

Just Getting Older chords

Aadd9, A9, D, Dm, A, E, Amaj9, A6, Bm, C#m, E7, Dm7

Keep The Dream Alive chords

A, A4, A4/B, A4/F#, E, Dsus2, Bm, D, G, D/F#

Let There Be Love chords

C/G, E, C, Am, Fmaj7, Bb9, E7, G#, G, D, Am/D, Am7

Lets All Make Believe chords

Am, A, Fmaj7, C, E, E4, Em

Life In Vain chords

D, Am, C, G

Listen Up chords

Em7, G, Dsus2, Cadd9, Em, EmM7, A7, Am, C, D

Little By Little chords

C, C/B, G, Emadd9, A, Em, D, D/F#, G/F#, Em7/F#, Dsus2

Little James chords

G, F, C

Live Forever chords

G, D, Am, C, Em, Fadd9, Fmaj7, F

Lord Don't Slow Me Down chords

E, E/D, G5, A, B4, Eadd9, E4, E5, B4/A, F5/E, F#5/E, G5/E, G#5/E, A5/E, Bb5, B5, C5/E, C#5/E, D5/E

Love Like A Bomb chords

G, Cadd9, F, D

Lyla chords

A, D, F, G, E

Magic Pie chords

Dm, Am, F, G, Bb, D, C, G/F#, Em

Married With Children chords

E, G#, C#m, A, C, B7, A7, F#, G, G#m, B, E7#9

Merry X-Mas Everybody chords

F, Am/E, Dm, Am/C, A, A4, Asus2, D, Bm, F#m, G, D4, Em7, Fm, Bb, C

Morning Glory chords

Em7, D, A4, Cadd9, Dsus2, Csus2, Badd11
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