The Beatles chords

The Beatles chords

I Got A Woman chords

E7, B7, A7, B11, F#7

I Got To Find My Baby chords

G, D, G7, C, F, F#

I Just Don't Understand chords

Em, Am

I Me Mine chords

Gm, Bb, C7, F, D7, C, D, Cm, Cm7, G7

I Need You chords

A, Asus2, A4, D, A7, F#m, C#m, Bm, E, E7, B7

I Remember You chords

G, F#, G7, C, Cm, Am, D, B7, E, Em, A, D7, Bb, D#, F, Fm

I Saw Her Standing There chords

E7, A7, B7, E, E7/G#, A, Am/C, Am, E9

I Should Have Known Better chords

G, D, Em, C, B7, G7

I Wanna Be Your Man chords

E7, B7, E, F#7, C#7, D/E

I Want To Hold Your Hand chords

C, D, G, Em, Bm, B7, Dm7, Am

I Want To Tell You chords

A, G, D, B, E7, Bm, B7, Dm

If I Fell chords

Ebm, D, Db, Bbm, Em, A, F#m, Fdim7, Gm, Em7, A7, D9, G

If I Needed Someone chords

A, G, Em, F#, Bm, E

If Youve Got Trouble chords

E7, B7sus4, A7, A, E, B, B7

If Youve Got Troubles chords

E, B7, A, E7, A7

Ill Be Back chords

A, Am, C, G, F, E7, F#m, Bm, D, E, C#m, B7

Ill Be On My Way chords

A, A+, A6, E, D, B, F#

Ill Cry Instead chords

G, C, D, C7, Bm, A, E7, A7, D7

Ill Follow The Sun chords

C, Cadd9, F, G, F7, D, Em/B, D7, G7, C7, Dm, Fm6, Dm7

Ill Get You chords

A, D, G, Bm, Am, E

Im A Loser chords

Am, D, Fmaj7, G, F, Em
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