The Beatles chords

The Beatles chords

Fancy My Chances chords

G, C, D

Fixing A Hole chords

F, C+, Fm7, Fm6, C, G, Bb

For No One chords

C, C/B, Am, C/G, F, Bb, Dm, A7, G4, G

For You Blue chords

A7, D7, B7, E7

Free As A Bird chords

A, F#m, Dm, G, C, Am, E4, E, Dm/F, Fmaj7, F#m7b5, Am/F#, A/G, F, Ab

From Me To You chords

C, Am, G7, F7, C7, Gm, F, D7, G, G+, E+

Get Back chords

A, G, D, A7

Getting Better chords

Fadd9, C, F, G, Em, Fmaj7

Girl chords

Em, B7, Em7, Am, C6, G, Bm, D7, E, C

Glad All Over chords

A, E, B

Glass Onion chords

Am, F7, Gm7, C7, D7, G7, F, Am7

Gold Slumbers chords

Am7, Dm7, G7, C, E7, Am, Dm9, Fmaj7, G, Bm7, F, G4, C/G, A, D, B7, E, B, B7/D#, A7, D7, G/A, D/A, Em, Dm, Am/E, Cm7, F/C

Golden Slumbers Carry That Weight The End chords

Am7, Dm, G7, C, E7, Am, Asus2, Dmadd9, Fadd9, G, G/B, Am7/D, Dm7, C4, Cmaj7, Fmaj7, Bm, A, D, B, E, B7, A7, D7, G/A, F, Cm7

Golden Slumbers chords

Am7, Dm7, G7, C, E, Am, Dm9, F

Good Day Sunshine chords

A, E, D7, G, E7, A7

Good Morning chords

A, D, A7, G, E

Good Morning Good Morning chords

A, D, E, Em, G, E7

Good Night chords

G, Bm, C, D7, Am, A

Got To Get You Into My Life chords

G, F, Bm, D, C, Am

Hallelujah I Love Her So chords

Bb, G7, D#, F, Bb7, D#7, C7, C#7, F7, C

Happiness Is A Warm Gun chords

Am6, Em, Am, Dm, A7, C, G7, F, G, Fm
The chords of the most famous songs by The Beatles