The Beatles chords

The Beatles chords

Babys In Black chords

A, E7, D, E, A7, F#m, B7, D7

Back In The Ussr chords

E, E7, A, D, C, D7

Bad To Me chords

E, C#m, G#m, F#m, G+, A, B7, C#7, Bm

Beautiful Dreamer chords

G, C, D, A, G#, C#, D#

Because chords

C#m, D#m7b5, G#7/D#, A, A7, A13, D, Ddim7, A9, F#/C#, F#, G#7

Because I Know You Love Me So chords

D, G, A, A7

Being For The Benefit Of Mr Kite chords

Bb, A7, Dm, G, Cm, A, Dm/C, Gm, F, C, B, Em, Dm/C#, Dm/B

Besame Mucho chords

Gm, Cm, Cm6, Cm7, G7, Eb, D7, A

Birthday chords

A, A7, D, D7, E, E7, C, G

Blackbird chords

G, Am7, G/B, C, C#dim, D, D#Mb5, Em, Eb+, Dbdim, Cm, A7, C/D, F, Dm, Gm/Bb

Blue Moon chords

F, Dm, Gm, C, Bb, E, Am, D, C7

Boys chords

B, A, E, B7, A7

Cant Buy Me Love chords

Em, Am, Dm, G7, C7, F7, C, Dm7, G13, Dm11

Carol chords

A, D, E

Carry That Weight chords

C, G, Am7, Dm7, Dm, C4, Fmaj7, E7, Am, A

Chains chords

A, D7, E, E7, A7, D, Dm

Child Of Nature chords

G, Em, D, D4, D7, Em7, Em6, C, Dm, Bb

Christmas Time Is Here Again chords

D, G7, Em7, A

Clarabella chords

G, C7, D7, G7, C, D, G9

Come And Get It chords

E, A6, B, C, Em7, F, B5, A

Come Together chords

Dm, A7, G7, Bm, A, G
The chords of the most famous songs by The Beatles