The Beatles chords

The Beatles chords

Cry Baby Cry chords

G, Am, F, Em7, A7, Em, EmM7, Em6, C7, Fm7

Crying Waiting Hoping chords

A, E, D

Day Tripper chords

E7, A7, F#, A, G#, C#, B

Dear Prudence chords

D, D7, Gmaj7/D, D+, Gm, C, G, G/D, A/D, F

Devil In Her Heart chords

Am, D7, G, C, Cm, G7, A7, D

Dig A Pony chords

G, D, A, D/A, F#m, Bm, G7, E, E7

Dig It chords

F, Bb, C, B

Dizzy Miss Lizzy chords

A, A7, D, D7, E

Do You Want To Know A Secret chords

Em, Am, G, F, B7, E, G#m, Gm, F#m, Am/C, A, C#m, Bm

Doctor Robert chords

A7, F#, F#7, E7, B7, B, E

Don't Bother Me chords

D, Em, Bm, Am, G, A, C

Don't Ever Change chords

E, E+, E6, C#m, A, G#, C+, B, E7, A+, A6, G#m, F#m

Don't Let Me Down chords

E, F#m, F#m7, Amaj7, E4, B, B7

Don't Pass Me By chords

C, F, G7

Dr Robert chords

F, F7, D7, Am, C, G

Dream Baby How Long Must I Dream chords

C7, Bb, F

Drive My Car chords

D7, G7, A, Bm, E7, Am, D, G

Eight Days A Week chords

D, E/D, G/D, E7, G, Bm, E, A

Eleanor Rigby chords

C, Em, Em7, Em6

Every Little Thing chords

A, D, E, G, Bm

Everybodys Trying To Be My Baby chords

E, A7, B7
The chords of the most famous songs by The Beatles