The Beatles chords

The Beatles chords

The chords of the most famous songs by The Beatles

Ill Be Back chords

A, Am, C, G, F, E7, F#m, Bm, D, E, C#m, B7

Besame Mucho chords

Gm, Cm, Cm6, Cm7, G7, Eb, D7, A

Old Brown Shoe chords

C7, Dm7, F, F7, Ab, Ab7, E+, Am, G, F#dim, G7

Across The Universe chords

D, F#m, A, Bm, Em7, A7, Gm, A7sus4, G

Golden Slumbers Carry That Weight The End chords

Am7, G/B, B7, Dm7, Asus2, Am7/D, A7, Cm7, Fadd9, Fmaj7, G/A, Cmaj7, Dm, G7, C, E7, Am, Dmadd9, G, C4, Bm, A, D, B, E, D7, F

Im In Love chords

F#, Ebm, Bbm, B, C#, C#7, A#

Window Window chords

G, Am, Em, Bm, C, Fadd9, D7, D7sus4

To Know Her Is To Love Her chords

E, B, C#m, A, G, D, C, B7, F#

Ill Follow The Sun chords

C, Cadd9, F, G, F7, D, Em/B, D7, G7, C7, Dm, Fm6, Dm7

It Wont Be Long chords

E, C#m, A, C, G#m, Bm, C#7, B7, F#m, G, F#, F, Em, D, Am, Bb, Dm, A7, Eb

Any Time At All chords

Bm, D, A, G, F#m, Gm, Am, C, F, Em, Fm

All You Need Is Love chords

G, D, Em, Am, D7, D6, A, B7, C

Love Of The Loved chords

E, B7, G#m, D7, G, D, Am, C, C7, F#7, G6

Thinking Of Linking chords

A, E, A7, D

When I Get Home chords

G7, A, D9, Am, C7, F, C, E7, F#, B9, F#m, A7, D

Rain chords

G, C, D

Revolution 1 chords

A, A6, E/B, D/A, D6/A, Bm, G, F#, E, D

Come And Get It chords

E, A6, B, C, Em7, F, B5, A, G, D

Happy Rishikesh Song chords

C, Am, G, G7, Dm

Because chords

C#m, D#m7b5, G#7/D#, A, A7, A13, D, Ddim7, A9, F#, F#/C#, G#7

Rock And Roll Music chords

E7, A, D, E