The Animals chords

The Animals chords

Anything chords

D, Am, Dbm, G, Em, A, C, E

Around And Around chords

C, F, G7

Baby Let Me Take You Home chords

A, G, D, F, E

Baby Whats Wrong chords

C, F, G

Big Boss Man chords

E5, A5, B5, B7

Boom Boom chords

F, Bb, C

Bright Lights Big City chords

G, F, C, Bb, D, G7, D7

Bring It On Home To Me chords

G, D7, G7, C

Bury My Body chords

Am, D, G, E

Cc Rider chords

G, C, C7, F, G7, F#

Club A Go-Go chords


Dimples chords

B, Bb, A, E, B7

Don't Bring Me Down chords

C, Bb, F, F7, G7, G

Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood chords

Bm, Em, A, G, F#, D, Bm/F#

For Miss Caulker chords

A, D, Em

Gonna Send You Back To Walker chords

A, Ab, G, D, D7

Hard Times chords

Em, D, C, B, Am, A

Help Me Girl chords

Am, G, F, E, C, F7, A, D, D7, Dm

Hey Gyp chords

G, F

Hotel Hell chords

Am, Dm, C, E, F, Em, G, D

House Of The Rising Sun chords

Am, C, D, F, E, C/E, E7, F7, Dm
The chords of the most famous songs by The Animals