The Beatles chords

The Beatles chords

A Day In The Life chords

G, Bm, Em, Em7, C, C/B, Asus2, F, Em/F#, Em/G, Em/A, Em/B, Em/C#, Em/D, E, Dsus2, B7sus4, D, A, Em/C

A Hard Days Night chords

G7sus4/D, G, C, F, D, Bm, Em, C6, D7sus4, Dm7

A Picture Of You chords

A, G, E, D, C#m, Bm

A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues chords

D7, A7, G7

A Taste Of Honey chords

F#m, A, E, F+, B, Bm, F#

Across The Universe chords

D, F#m, A, Bm, Em7, A7, Gm, A7sus4, G

Act Naturally chords

D7, G, C, A7

Aint She Sweet chords

E, Edim, B, G#7, C#7, F#7, B7, A

All Ive Got To Do chords

E, C#m, F#m, Am, A

All My Loving chords

Em, A7, D, Bm, G, C, A, Bb+

All Together Now chords

G, D7, C, D

All You Need Is Love chords

G, D, Em, Am, D7, D6, A, B7, C

And I Love Her chords

F#m, E, C#m, A, B, G#m, B7, Gm, Dm, Bb, C7, F, Dm/F, D

And Your Bird Can Sing chords

E, F#m, A, G#m, B, C#, B7

Anna chords

D, Bm, Em, A7, G, D7, Gm, E7

Anna Go To Him chords

D, Bm, Em, A7, G, Gm, E7

Another Girl chords

A, D, G, E, C, A7

Any Time At All chords

Bm, D, A, G, F#m, Gm

Ask Me Why chords

E, A, B, G#, C#m, Am, F#, B7, G#m

Baby Its You chords

G, Em, C, Am, D

Baby Youre A Rich Man chords

G7, C, G, F
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